Sunday, February 8, 2009

Timbers have been graded!

After Peter and I organized and labeled all of the PCEI Artist Studio timbers in the shop, we invited Tom Gorman from the University of Idaho to come and grade all of the timbers.

We brought along a CAD model of the PCEI Artist Studio. Tom referred to the model often to better understand the spans, positions, and uses of the various timbers:

The process of grading timbers is mainly about identifying defects in the wood. Tom was looking for large knots, bad cross-grain, severe grain runout, shake, rot, etc. He visually inspected all of the timbers and found absolutely nothing of significant concern.

It was actually great fun to have Tom come and inspect our wood. It was clear that he a lover of wood and PCEI and that he is at least as excited about this timber framing project as we are!

Now that our timber has been officially and successfully inspected, we can proceed with the fun and exciting part: layout and cutting joinery. Yay!

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