Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More progress on the South wall.

We've continued working on the labor-intensive southern wall of the Artist Studio. It is slow going, due to the scribing and repetitive test-fitting. We are trying to get the joinery very, very tight.

Here is Peter finishing up a tenon on the second strut:

And here is Peter using the Makita chain mortiser to cut the strut mortise in the bottom of the southeast Western Larch post. Its an 18" long, 2" wide mortise!

Here, we test fit the strut tenon into the newly cut mortise. A very, very nice fit.

We cut the mortise in the elm beam as well and test-assembled this whole corner. In general, it turned out quite nice. With some fine-tuning and some high-tension straps, we can bring the joinery together almost perfectly.

One more mortise on the elm beam, and we can test-fit the western strut. We're getting closer to completion with this South wall, but there still remains many hours of detail work before its done.

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