Monday, May 11, 2009

Moving the finished timbers to the job site!

The frame is 100% finished!

The timber frame is complete, chamfered, sanded, organized and stacked in the workshop. We decided to move the timbers to the job site the day before the raising to minimize the timber's exposure to the elements prior to raising the frame.

We fit the whole frame onto my 5'x14' trailer. The weight of the frame was almost more than my poor battered utility trailer could withstand. It was very cool seeing a nice, complete, stacked set of timbers on the trailer...ready for transport to the site.

Me above the frame:

And Peter:

I could not quite get the frame to the job site up the steep and damp hill in one load. It was quite a bit of work to move the timbers into place.

Once the timbers were stacked and organized on site, we finished placing the cedar floor joists and cutting and securing the subfloor on the deck.

Meanwhile, Lisa applied a coat of LandArk penetrating oil to the joinery and endgrain of the timbers:

When everything was in place and ready for the frame raising, we placed a massive blue tarp over the whole thing to keep the timbers protected from direct sun and rain.

Everything is in place for raising day. Now, its just a matter of getting the tools on site and having fun on raising day!

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Pete said...

Great job getting to this point! Best of luck with the raising, I'm looking forward to seeing how it went.